Yixing doing the ALS Icebucket Challenge and nominating Luhan while looking so damn fine in that black wifebeater


probs one of my favorite gifs of chansoo.

look how chanyeol hits him but then kyungie just lets it go and dances happily, but then yeollie hits him again and suddenly it’s a new level of ‘let out the beast' and kyungsoo turns all vile, and the rest of the members hurry up towards them to stop kyungsoo from actually murdering chanyeol.

this gif is so precious.

Chen - Die Jungs 

Exo - 1st Look magazine 


Poll ~15 Who would you like to see help Rick take care of Judith?

1. Michonne ~38%
2. Daryl ~33%
3. Carl ~14%
4. Carol ~7%
    Tyreese ~7%

Thank you all for voting!



Black Leopard’s Reaction When He Sees His Favorite Zoo Keeper

I want that job now.



Black Leopard’s Reaction When He Sees His Favorite Zoo Keeper

I want that job now.


Alice Lin: Incredibly Detailed Swan Pencil -(Faramita Swan)

artist on Tumblr, on Behance

The illustrator Alice Lin residing in Beijing recently presented her latest work Faramita: the representation of a swan on Canson paper in giant size 2 meters by 1 meter. An impressive creation, the result of one month of work.

"Imagine; I used to have really long blonde hair, always wearing heels, lots of make-up. I had been someone who was highly feminised and had chosen to look that way, partly because I was 6ft 3in but also I was into that aesthetic. I knew it had to be stripped away. I knew this would be an important part, not just for my work but in terms of my own development, because I would be confronting elements of myself that I didn’t want to confront (…) To see yourself displayed as unattractive, large, masculine, it’s quite tough… But I know it’s just perspective. A social conditioning that causes us to view these traits in a woman in a negative way." — Gwendoline Christie

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However loving his parents may have seemed, he [Simon] knew that, scratch the surface, and they’d scream and run away. And here he’s confronted with a guy who is just everyting he thinks is wrong about a person, who comes back for him when the chips are down because he’s on his crew. To me, that’s a  real parent, and that is an extremely beautiful thing to get to, and I think it’s very real… But the most important thing about ‘Safe’ was that relationship.

Joss Whedon, Firefly: The Official Companion, Volume One

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The last one

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What a way
To start your day
It’s Rick and Daryl
Hey, hey, hey!!!
(Pics and gifs done by the wonderful